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portrait of Phil Turner

Phil Turner


Olson Kundig’s resident genius, Phil Turner has more than 35 years of experience in the exhibit fabrication industry, as well as a strong background in the physical sciences and electrical and mechanical engineering that is unique in this industry. Phil’s many strengths – developed over the course of a varied career that spans commercial HVAC, automotive servicing and exhibit fabrication – include electronics, environmental climate control systems, fiber optics, lighting design and execution, auto and aviation mechanics, artistic ironwork and metal machining.

Phil founded Turner Exhibits in 1987 and led their design team in solving engineering, electronic, lighting and interactive challenges for more than twenty years. During his tenure at Turner Exhibits, Phil began collaborating with Olson Kundig on kinetic elements in our residential, commercial, workplace, museum and hospitality projects and joined the firm as a staff member in 2011. A self-described “analog guy,” Phil enjoys the tactile nature of kinetic design and frequently builds proof-of-concept prototypes when developing ideas. As Olson Kundig’s “gizmologist,” Phil continues to collaborate with project teams to find elegant solutions to a wide range of design challenges. His work is showcased in some of our most iconic projects, including The Pierre, Art Stable, Shadowboxx and Martin’s Lane Winery.

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