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photo of Occidental Park Pavilion
Photo: Aaron Leitz

Occidental Park Pavilion

Seattle, Washington

Occidental Park Pavilion

Seattle, Washington

  • Design Principal

    Tom Kundig

  • Principal

    Edward Lalonde

Located in the heart of Pioneer Square, Seattle’s oldest neighborhood, Occidental Square Park has undergone numerous transformations over its 160-year history. The new multi-use public pavilion continues the park’s ongoing revitalization, developed with input from the community and various stakeholders throughout the design process.

Olson Kundig’s design features a 30-by-90-foot glass canopy supported by heavy timber beams and slender steel columns. The canopy height is scaled so there are no obstructions to sight lines through the park space. It also takes a cue from the established 17-foot height shared by all the historic brick buildings in the district. The covered space is welcome in an environment known for year-round rain.

The design also features a 200-square-foot kiosk for the park concierge made of timber and designed to open and close vertically like a jewel chest. Like the canopy, the kiosk is completely transparent at eye-level so the concierge has 360-degree views of the surroundings, but without interrupting line of sight through the park.

Occidental Park Pavilion continues the evolution of one of Seattle’s oldest and most beloved public spaces. Shaped by extensive community input, this new multi‑purpose jewel box thoughtfully complements existing buildings and sightlines, harmonizing with the surrounding urban context and human‑scale experience of the park. The structure honors the Seattle waterfront’s wood industry pioneers, while showcasing the modern innovations in timber technology. Tom Kundig, FAIA, RIBA