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photo of Millerton Farmhouse
Photo: Nic Lehoux

Millerton Farmhouse

Millerton, New York

Millerton Farmhouse

Millerton, New York

  • Design Principal

    Tom Kundig

Located on 25 acres of farmland in upstate New York, this family retreat is a modern take on the traditional farmhouse. The home combines contemporary detailing and materials such as blackened steel and concrete with vernacular agricultural building forms. A careful attention to spatial and volumetric relationships allows the home to feel both modern and contextually appropriate for its rural farmland setting.

The home’s pitched roofs reference archetypal barn forms, and exterior materials continue this dialogue with agricultural architecture. The siding is reclaimed barnwood sourced from local historic barns that had been dismantled. Exterior concrete walls and zinc corrugated roofs complement the weathered grey color of the barnwood siding, resulting in a home that harmonizes with its Hudson Valley setting.

The home is a touchstone for the owner couple and their extended family, so the design concept is a series of buildings attached by covered walkways and interstitial spaces. This composition means the home can accommodate large family gatherings, but still retain an intimate feel. Blackened steel shelving and a custom cooking hearth in the kitchen, along with a collection of custom-designed furniture and lighting throughout, complete the home’s interior environment.

The concept was a farmhouse compound with a series of buildings attached by walkways. It’s intended to be a peaceful, quiet building in the landscape. Then inside, it’s a big yin to that yang. Tom Kundig, FAIA, RIBA




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