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photo of Collywood
Photo: Nic Lehoux


West Hollywood, California


West Hollywood, California

  • Design Principal

    Tom Kundig

This high-tech West Hollywood home is located just above the Sunset Strip and overlooks Los Angeles with views stretching from the San Gabriel Mountains to the Pacific Ocean. This “big view,” with all its varying personalities depending on time of day and climate, was the key design driver. The client comes from a background of outdoor adventures. He wanted the house to feel like an adventure to him and his many guests as you walk through its 15,600 square feet on three levels.

The boundary between inside and outside is all but dissolved with living spaces that open completely to nearly 7,000 square feet of terraces, gardens and pools. The dining area opens on both sides via a pair of guillotine window walls, and there are several more retractable window walls throughout the living area, kitchen and bedrooms. Like a Rubik’s Cube of interlocking boxes and planes, the home balances multiple scales, from intimate handcrafted interior moments to the sweeping, dynamic L.A. cityscape.

This home navigates many different scales: the larger landscape scale of Los Angeles, the scale of entertainment and large group gatherings, and the intimate scale of spaces for daily living. I’m most excited about how the design intertwines these scales and allows the client to expand or contract the home depending on changing needs. Tom Kundig, FAIA, RIBA




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