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portrait of Laura Bartunek

Laura Bartunek


Laura Bartunek joined Olson Kundig in 2011 as an intern and was named an associate of the firm in 2016.

Laura is known for her interest in imaginative and exploratory architecture, which has informed her work on such cultural projects at Olson Kundig as the Secret Garden, a rooftop garden located above a nine-story department store in Uijeongbu, South Korea which was a collaboration with a design team from Shinsegae International and artist Do-Ho Suh. This project also reflects Laura’s continued interest in landscape – both real and imagined, micro and macro – as a point of departure for design investigations.

At Olson Kundig, Laura serves on several staff development committees, including the Cultural Committee, the Hiring Committee and the firm’s governance and operations review board. Laura was also an active partner on [storefront] Olson Kundig, a venue for the firm’s community collaborations, R&D initiatives, and exhibit design installations. Laura worked closely on the Mushroom Farm project for [storefront], which was an investigation into issues related to climate change around the subject of food and urban agriculture.

Associated Projects