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photo of Kirsten Ring Murray Featured on HP Webinar Series

Kirsten Ring Murray Featured on HP Webinar Series


Technology company HP recently released a series of six webinars featuring designers and architects, including Olson Kundig principal/owner Kirsten Ring Murray. The series, intended to inspire a technical audience to innovate for future needs on behalf of clients and users, highlights industry leaders speaking on topics that span residential and workplace design, as well as the power of creativity thinking.


Titled “Workplace Design: Balancing digital and natural,” Kirsten’s webinar makes the case that, the more digital our work becomes, the more natural our workplaces must be. Informed by established principles of residential design, the modern workplace should prioritize the health and wellness of users, from the ability to access nature to the importance of balancing screen time with daylight. Kirsten outlines a variety of approaches and strategies during her presentation, including biophilic principles of design, ergonomics, and opportunities for variety and adaptation throughout the workday.


To watch Kirsten’s recorded webinar, as well as the five other presentations in the series, visit HP’s Designjet site.