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photo of The 5th Facade Project

The 5th Facade Project

Seattle, Washington

The 5th Facade Project

Seattle, Washington

  • Design Principal

    Alan Maskin

  • Designer

    Jerome Tryon

The 5th Façade Project is a series of built and conceptual investigations into the neglected top layer of cities: the rooftops. Beginning as a research project, the data then informed a science fiction story written by Alan Maskin called “Welcome to the Fifth Façade.” Taking the form of a mural, a science fiction story, then a graphic novel, and eventually a film, “Welcome to the Fifth Façade” went on to win first place in Blank Space’s 2016 Fairy Tales Competition, the world’s largest architectural ideas contest.

In my work, sometimes a story informs the design of a built project, and sometimes a built project is later turned into a story. Fiction to non‑fiction and back again. Alan Maskin


  • Design Principal

    Alan Maskin

  • Writers

    Gabriela Denise Frank



Fairy Tales 2016: Architecture Storytelling Competition hosted by Blank Space

Port Townsend Film Festival, Winner, Welcome to the 5th Facade Video

The Architect’s Newspaper Best of Design Award for Architectural Representation > Analog



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