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photo of Queen Anne House
Photo: Benjamin Benschneider

Queen Anne House

Seattle, Washington

Queen Anne House

Seattle, Washington

  • Design Principal

    Tom Kundig

Located on a tight, urban lot this house takes full advantage of its location through extensive connections to the landscape: terraces, decks, covered balconies, exterior walkways and large operable windows/doors to take in the views.

The house is elevated above the street and is accessed via stairs that move through a series of planted terraces that add privacy. Inside, the house has an open plan with few interior rooms helping to reinforce family gathering possibilities.

The exterior character design draws inspiration from the neighborhood, but gives it an edge through the use of simple, yet unexpected materials: concrete block, mild steel left to rust and horizontal wood siding. An alley-side garage/studio is separated from the house, and the space between these two volumes becomes a more private space and includes a small pond.




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