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photo of Microsoft Cybercrime Center
Photo: Benjamin Benschneider

Microsoft Cybercrime Center

Redmond, Washington

Microsoft Cybercrime Center

Redmond, Washington

  • Design Principal

    Alan Maskin

  • Principal

    Stephen Yamada-Heidner

The Cybercrime Center, combining the company’s legal and technical expertise as well as cutting-edge tools and technology, was designed to be a functional showcase for the innovative work and a collaborative meeting space. The project scope included interior architecture, environmental brand and interior furnishings.

The Cybercrime Center design challenge was to transform an existing office space into an inspiring and enjoyable work environment where Cybercrime staff can meet with global partners to collectively fight cybercrime, while simultaneously building an environmental brand that interprets the work for visitors who come to learn more about the Cybercrime Center.

The Center is organized around a central space, or great room, with views to large landscaped gardens. The great room is surrounded by a set of work rooms and conferences spaces—boxes within boxes—all designed with changing abilities for transparency. Visitors can view the digital forensics, digital crime fighting tools, and ongoing cases without disturbing the work in progress.

Located on the ground floor, the existing office was limited in its connection to outside space and natural light. To improve space the dropped ceilings along the exterior window wall were raised to allow maximum natural daylight to enter into the space and blur the line between the exterior and interior. Alan Maskin