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photo of The Bob Dylan Center
Photo: Matthew Millman

The Bob Dylan Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Bob Dylan Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • Design Principal

    Alan Maskin

Dedicated to the study and appreciation of Bob Dylan and his worldwide cultural significance, the new Bob Dylan Center traces the creative trajectory of this prolific artist across his 60-year career. Located in the Tulsa Arts District, the Center is envisioned as a dynamic, multifaceted venue, housing permanent, temporary and traveling exhibitions readily accessible by artists, historians, musicologists, and the general public seeking a deeper comprehension of Dylan’s work, his influences and the offshoots inspired by his legacy.

Olson Kundig was selected throughout an international design competition. The firm’s winning entry was focused on the notion of Bob Dylan as a “Master of Change.” Understanding Dylan’s life and career as a portrait of transformation, Design Principal Alan Maskin envisioned the new Bob Dylan Center as the embodiment of continual change, from the building’s architectural approach to its exhibit design and rotating installations.

The new Bob Dylan Center also serves as the primary public venue for The Bob Dylan Archive, a collection of more than 100,000 items spanning handwritten manuscripts, notebooks and correspondence, films, videos, artwork, memorabilia and original studio recordings. While the Archive’s permanent repository is open only to qualified researchers and scholars, a linear gallery wall and interactive display features nearly 100 items from the collection for visitors to explore.

I’m more interested in this as a living archive than as a museum. Museum implies a voice that everyone accepts as truth.  Alan Maskin
I’m glad that my archives, which have been collected all these years, have finally found a home. Bob Dylan




Chicago Athenaeum American Architecture Award

Oklahoma Museums Association Awards, Outstanding Exhibit (Columbia Records Gallery)

MUSE Awards Gold Prize – Experiential & Immersive – Exhibition Experience


Architect’s Newspaper Best of Design Awards, Editor’s Pick, Exhibition Design Category

Interior Design Best of Year Awards, Winner, Exhibition Category



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