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portrait of Daniel Ralls

Daniel Ralls

Principal / Owner | AIA

I believe that everyone – designers, collaborators, clients – should come out of a project having grown and evolved.

An architect with a background in building and fabrication, Principal Daniel Ralls has a deep appreciation for the overlapping areas of expertise needed to bring projects to completion. Growing up in a family of builders has informed Daniel’s belief that the key to successful design is not only understanding how buildings come together, but acknowledging that there are many different ways to put buildings together. In his complex large-scale projects, many of which are international, Daniel values close working relationships with local tradespeople to determine how best to incorporate their particular expertise and regional building traditions into the design process. This extends to team members, too. “I believe that everyone – designers, collaborators, clients – should come out of a project having grown and evolved,” Daniel says. “This means recognizing and supporting my team members’ strengths, whatever they may be. The synergy of our collective expertise always leads to better projects in the end.”

Since joining Olson Kundig in 2007, Daniel has worked extensively in residential design – experience that has honed his ability to uncover clients’ needs and match them with appropriate design solutions. Daniel especially enjoys the problem-solving aspect of his work, always striving for excellence in his designs. Today, Daniel works across project types, from residential to cultural, mixed-use and commercial. “No matter the typology, the challenge remains the same,” Daniel notes. “It’s about continuing to inch towards perfection, even if it feels like you’ve done all you can.”

Daniel holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Oklahoma State University and currently serves on the hiring, staffing and mentoring committees at Olson Kundig. During his time at Olson Kundig, Daniel has been gradually renovating his own home in Seattle, a tangible project in which he can explore the intersection of design and construction.

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