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photo of Dreams Happen Playhouse on Display in Palo Alto

Dreams Happen Playhouse on Display in Palo Alto


Last week, designer Christian Poules traveled to Palo Alto, California to participate in the delivery and assembly of Olson Kundig’s contribution to the Dreams Happen Playhouse event. This biennial fundraiser for Rebuilding Together Peninsula (RTP) teams architects and builders to create imaginatively designed playhouses that are auctioned to benefit RTP’s residential rehabilitation work. “Lacuna,” Olson Kundig’s contribution, offers an inventive take on the idea of a playhouse, blurring the boundaries between structure and sculpture. The abstract wooden cocoon is constructed out of cedar beams crisscrossed over a steel frame, creating a form reminiscent of an egg in a nest. An illuminated ladder allows children to access the interior “yolk.”

Photo: Christian Poules

All thirteen of this year’s playhouses are currently on display at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, where they will remain until the auction gala on Saturday, June 3. Olson Kundig teamed with Facebook and California-based Level 10 Construction to fabricate this year’s playhouse.